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Description based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Exhibition name

ENEX / DER・Microgrid Japan / Offshore Tech Japan

Exhibition office

ENEX/DER・Microgrid Japan /Offsore Tech Japan 事務局
〒105-8335 東京都港区芝3-23-1 セレスティン芝三井ビルディング
TEL:03-5657-0623 FAX:03-5657-0645

secretariat manager

JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.
Business Co-Creation Department Trade Show Business Department Business Director Hirohisa Hasegawa

Sales items

Exhibition fee


Specific information is shown on the "Exhibitor Information: Exhibitor Requirements" page.

How to apply

Please fill in the necessary information on the "Exhibitor Application Form" and apply by attaching it to an email, by post, by fax, or by using the online application form.
*If the number of applications reaches the planned number of booths (sold), we will stop accepting applications.

Expenses other than exhibition fees

Communication costs for exhibitor applications will be borne by the customer.
In addition, fees related to support programs other than exhibition fees will be charged separately. Details of the support program will be provided at the exhibitor information session.

Exhibition fee payment method

We will send you an invoice after receiving your exhibition application, so please make the payment by the specified date.

Exhibition fee payment deadline

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Handover of exhibition booth

We will hand it over according to the setup time on the day.

Change/cancellation of exhibition application

As a general rule, changes or cancellations after submitting an application for exhibition are not permitted.
However, if Organized by deems it unavoidable, changes or cancellations will be permitted and cancellation fees will be charged based on the following criteria.

Based on the date of receipt of written notice of cancellation.

Cancellation fee from August 1st (Tuesday) to September 29th (Friday), 2023 50% of exhibition fee
Cancellation fee after October 1, 2023 (Sunday) 100% of exhibition fee

Contact information

ENEX/DER・Microgrid Japan /Offsore Tech Japan 事務局
〒105-8335 東京都港区芝3-23-1 セレスティン芝三井ビルディング
TEL:03-5657-0762 FAX:03-5657-0645

Organized by

  • Energy Conservation Center Japan
  • JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.
  • Renewable Energy Council
  • Sankei Shimbun

Accommodation information

  • Rurubu
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