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Exhibition history

Exhibition history

Holding the Energy Saving Exhibition (predecessor of ENEX)
Changed name from Energy Saving Exhibition to "ENEX"
Renamed from "ENEX" to "ENEX Global Environment and Energy Harmony Exhibition"
Holding the 1st New Energy World Exhibition
"ENEX Global Environment and Energy Harmony Exhibition" and "Smart Energy Japan" (Organized by JTB Communication Design) will be held simultaneously
Renamed to Renewable Energy World Exhibition
year 2012
“Smart Energy Japan in Osaka” will be held for the first time at Intex Osaka
First "New Power EXPO" themed around electricity liberalization held
Taking advantage of gas liberalization, "New Power EXPO" was renamed "Electricity and Gas New Business EXPO"
“Energy Innovation Japan” and “Smart Energy Japan WEST” will be held simultaneously in Osaka
Renamed to Renewable Energy World Exhibition & Forum
``DER Japan'', a fusion exhibition of distributed energy and digital technology, will be held for the first time, and ``Renewable Energy World Exhibition & Forum'' will be held simultaneously.
“Offshore Tech Japan Marine Industry Technology Exhibition”, an exhibition on the utilization of marine resources, will be held for the first time.

Energy Conservation Center Japan

The Energy Conservation Center is a specialized organization that promotes energy conservation.
Mainly from a public interest standpoint, such as cooperation with energy conservation policies, we promote specific energy conservation in various sectors such as Japanese industry, business, and households, and also disseminate the technology and know-how gained through our activities overseas through international cooperation. Masu.

JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.

We hold exhibitions that are in line with the times, from cutting-edge technology to the development of all industrial fields. We are promoting it globally through Organized by and co-sponsoring exhibitions in cutting-edge technology fields such as ENEX/DER Japan in the energy field, nanotechnology in research and development, bio-related fields centered on drug discovery and pharmaceuticals, and sensors and IoT. I am.

Renewable Energy Council

Renewable Energy Council was established in June 2007 with support from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and cooperation from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), and the New Energy Foundation. did. We cover not only individual renewable energy technologies but also a wide range of specialized technical fields, and we share and disseminate the latest technical information and conduct dissemination and awareness activities.

Organized by

  • Energy Conservation Center Japan
  • JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.
  • Renewable Energy Council
  • Sankei Shimbun

Accommodation information

  • Rurubu
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