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Visitor registration for news/PRESS people

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All members of the press are also requested to register.
When registering, please select the industry category ``Press/Media/Publishing.''

What you can do with visitor registration
  • Material download
  • Watch video
  • Online business negotiations (only during the session)
  • Seminar attendance registration
  • Pre-business meeting appointment setting (recommendation function, message sending, schedule management)

About coverage/photography

Please keep the following points in mind when reporting or photographing at this exhibition.

  • ① If you wish to take a photo shoot on the day, please be sure to wear a press armband.
    Press armbands are distributed at the press center.
    After completing the interview, please return it to the press center or registration office.
  • ② We have notified each exhibitor as much as possible to ensure their understanding, but we will do our best to ensure that there are no problems.
    Please be sure to obtain permission from the exhibitor before taking close-up photos of the booth, products, or data.
  • ③ As a general rule, photography is prohibited inside the conference building (symposiums, seminars).
    It is possible to temporarily enter the room for the purpose of reporting on this exhibition, so please ask the staff at the venue reception.
  • ④If you would like to interview Organized by, please come to the Organized by 's office of each exhibition.

*We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be sure to send the magazine containing the interview/photographed content to the secretariat at a later date.

Press center information

We have prepared a press center to facilitate information gathering activities for members of the press. Wi-fi is available, and press releases from exhibitors are posted, so please feel free to use this space to gather information or use it as a work space.

Location: Information in mid-January

Venue guide map

For inquiries regarding interviews with exhibitions and Organized by, please contact each exhibition.

Organized by

  • Energy Conservation Center Japan
  • JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.
  • Renewable Energy Council
  • Sankei Shimbun

Accommodation information

  • Rurubu
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