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Exhibition guidelines (January 29-31, 2025, Tokyo Big Sight)

Exhibition fee (real exhibition)

(Including 10% consumption tax)

Exhibition type General Independent law/public organization
University/Laboratory energy saving center
supporting member
with package
4m² booth
Booth specifications 1 booth
(3m×3m=9m 2, space passing)
1 booth
(3m×3m=9m 2, space passing)
1 booth
(3m×3m=9m 2, space passing)
1 booth
(3m×3m=9m 2, space passing)
1 booth
(2m×2m=4m 2, package booth)
●ENEX Global Environment and Energy Harmony Exhibition
●DER・Microgrid Japan
¥418,000 ¥319,000 ¥209,000 ¥319,000 -
● Renewable Energy World Exhibition & Forum ¥418,000 ¥319,000 ¥209,000 - ¥297,000
●Offshore Tech Japan Marine Industry Technology Exhibition ¥418,000 ¥319,000 ¥209,000 - -
  • Note 1) All prices include tax.
  • Note 2) A maximum of 2 booths per company can occupy 4m 2 booths with packaging at the Renewable Energy World Exhibition. Cannot be used in conjunction with 9m 2 type booths.
  • Note 3) The exhibition fee includes the following:
    Exhibition space 1 booth = 9m 2 (opening 3m x depth 3m), posting product information (materials, images, videos), obtaining viewer data for posted materials and videos, business matching system (appointment function), visitor information ( Invitation)
  • Note 4) If there are adjacent booths, the secretariat will install partition panels (height 2.7m). However, if you have a corner booth, there will be no aisle panel.
  • Note 5) Construction costs and usage fees for decoration, electricity, communication lines, etc. are not included.
  • Note 6) Please check the Inter Aqua exhibition guidelines on the Inter Aqua official website.

exhibitor presentation

A seminar inside the exhibition hall where we explain products to many visitors and encourage them to visit our booth. Please take advantage of exhibitor presentations, which allow you to directly promote your exhibit to interested visitors.

  • Seminar scene inside the exhibition hall (Tokyo Big Sight)

Seminar in the exhibition hall (Tokyo Big Sight)

You can promote your event to interested visitors through presentations at the exhibition hall and guide them to your exhibition booth.

  • Venue: Special stage in the exhibition hall, theater format, 80-100 seats (tentative)
  • Usage fee: ¥110,000 (tax included), 1 session 30 minutes
  • Included in the fee: presentation screen, projector, audio equipment (microphone, speakers)
    • *We do not accept advance application for attendance.
    • *Exhibitors are responsible for registering and proceeding on the day of the event.
  • Presentation date and time: The presentation date and time can be selected on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • How to apply: Please apply using the exhibitor application form.

Booth specifications

Booth image

1 booth = 9m² (opening 3m x depth 3m)

  • *If there are adjacent booths, the secretariat will install partition panels (height 2.7m). However, if you have a corner booth, there will be no aisle panel.
  • *Construction costs and usage fees such as booth setup and decoration costs, electricity, water supply and drainage, telephone charges, booth cleaning costs, and waste disposal costs are not included.

Construction cost (package booth) *Reference

*2-booth and 3-booth plans are also available.

Booth image

1 booth PKG appearance

▲Click to enlarge the dimension drawing.

Booth image

exhibition stand W900×D700×H750 Two
reception counter W900×D450×H800One
parapet H3003m
Company name version
Gothic typeface
W1200×H2001 sheet
pipe chair2 legs
catalog stand A4 vertical 12 rowsOne
Noble name reception1 piece
Spotlight 100W3 lights
floor carpet carpet retainer9m²
Main line construction Electricity usage fee included1kW
outlet 2 mouths1 piece
Garbage can1 piece
Reference price
1 booth package
¥143,000 (tax included) ~
  • *2-booth and 3-booth package booths and upgrade plans are also available.
  • *Applications must be made by a vendor designated by Organized by.

Renewable Energy World Exhibition 4m² Booth

4m² booth with package

*Plan with decorations and equipment

Exhibitor booth standards
1 booth = width 1.98m x depth 1.98m (approximately 4m²)

Exhibition fee

Basic display included ¥297,000 (tax included)

Exhibition conditions

Cannot be used together with 9m² type booth. Maximum of 2 booths per company.

Equipment overview

wall surface System panel (white, W1980 x D1980 x H2700)
parapet System panel (white/H300)
Company name version Gothic character (W1200×H200)
Floor Carpeting (select from red, blue, green)
electricity Main line construction/usage fee/1kW
lighting LED fluorescent light - 20W x 1 light, LED spotlight - 15W x 2 lights, outlet: 1 location
Equipment Reception counter (with middle shelf, W900 x D450 x H800) x 1, folding chair x 1
  • *Fees cannot be deducted even if the above basic display is not used.

How to apply for exhibition

[Important] Regarding the exhibitor provisional application system and booth location selection

To apply for exhibition, please apply from the "Exhibition Application Reception Form" on the exhibition's official website. A provisional application system will be in place until July 31st (Wednesday) (in the case of a provisional application, there will be no exhibit cancellation fee until the expiry date). Booth locations for ENEX/DER/Microgrid Japan/Offsore Tech Japan will be selected by exhibitors themselves based on the number of booths and the order of applications. Booth locations for the Renewable Energy World Exhibition will be determined by Organized by after the exhibition application deadline.

1. Application deadline

Exhibitor provisional application expiration date: July 31, 2024 (Wednesday)
Exhibition application deadline: Monday, September 30, 2024

2. Payment of exhibition fee

After applying for an exhibition book, we will send you an invoice.
Please transfer the exhibition fee to the designated account by the designated date on the invoice.

3. Cancellation of exhibition application

If the secretariat determines that it is unavoidable, we will approve the cancellation and ask you to pay the following cancellation fee.

Based on the date on which written notice of cancellation is received. Cancellation fee rate
Until Wednesday, July 31, 2024 0% of bill amount
Wednesday, August 1, 2024 - Monday, September 30, 2024 50% of billed amount
After October 1, 2024 (Tuesday) 100% of billed amount

4. Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Please check the exhibition terms and conditions below.

PDFENEX/DER・Microgrid Japan Exhibitor Terms and Conditions
PDFRenewable Energy World Exhibition Exhibition Terms and Conditions
PDFOffshore Tech Japan Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

Main schedule leading up to the event

Wednesday, July 31, 2024Temporary application expiration date
Monday, September 30, 2024Application deadline
October 2024 (planned)Exhibitor information session (scheduled to be held online)
December 2024Deadline for various submission documents
Monday, January 27, 2025, Tuesday, January 28, 2025Delivery/setup period
Wednesday, January 29th – Friday, January 31st, 2025Exhibition held (same day removal)

Organized by

  • Energy Conservation Center Japan
  • JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.
  • Renewable Energy Council
  • Sankei Shimbun

Accommodation information

  • Rurubu
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