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Advantages of exhibiting

Point 1

Approximately 65% of visitors are employed in the manufacturing, construction, and electricity/gas/energy industries. This is a great opportunity to promote your event to energy experts and energy management personnel.


*2022 visitors

Point 2

24% of visitors came to consider business alliances and collaboration partners.
You can expect to expand your business by providing an opportunity to make contact with visitors who are considering purchasing the exhibited items.

▼Purpose of visitor visit

  • As a reference for promoting in-house research and technology: 25.8%
  • For partner or collaboration consideration: 24.0%
  • As marketing of other companies' research and technology: 22.0%
  • As a survey of practical application status: 20.7%
  • For consideration of purchasing specific exhibited items: 4.1%
  • For consideration of investment destination: 3.6%
  • To collect information on industry trends: 71.8%

*From the 2022 visitor survey

Point 3

Many exhibitors have achieved various results such as corporate PR, promoting new products, technologies, and services, requesting quotations, and receiving orders during the exhibition, making it a perfect opportunity for expanding sales channels, business collaboration, and promotion.

▼Exhibitor achievements

  • Helpful for corporate PR, name recognition, and image improvement: 52.3%
  • Able to promote new products, technologies, and services: 34.1%
  • I was able to meet visitors with the potential for new business opportunities and collaboration: 34.1%
  • Deeper communication with existing customers: 27.3%
  • I was able to network with other exhibitors: 20.5%
  • There were specific inquiries related to the following, such as requests for estimates, opportunities for explanations, and provision of samples: 18.2%
  • Valuable user opinions obtained: 13.6%
  • Found a new business partner: 9.1%
  • Orders received during the exhibition period: 4.5%

*From the 2022 visitor survey

Organized by

  • Energy Conservation Center Japan
  • JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.
  • Renewable Energy Council
  • Sankei Shimbun

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