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2024. 3. 1
All days of the exhibition have ended. Thank you to all the exhibitors and visitors. Click here to see the number of visitors.
2024. 2. 2
Regarding the handling of information data when using the badge output PC before entering the exhibition hall
2024. 1. 29
We have released the exhibition guidelines for 2025 and have started accepting applications. Click here for details
2024. 1. 23
The venue floor map has been released. Click here for details
We have started accepting applications for Site Visits. Click here for details
The seminar program has been published and registration has begun. Click here for details
2023. 12. 1
Registration has started. Register here
2023. 12. 1
Exhibitor information has been released. Click here for exhibitor information
2023. 6. 5
We will hold an Outline presentation and exhibitor consultation session. Click here for details
2023. 2. 4
Thank you for visiting the 2023 Exhibition (held in February 2023). Click herefor the number of visitors
2023. 2. 1
We will be holding a new Offshore Tech Japan 2024 5th Marine Industry Technology Exhibition (formerly SUBSEA TECH JAPAN) at the same time.
2023. 2. 1
The next event has been decided and we are now accepting exhibitors.

Media Partners

  • Monthly Energy Saving
  • electric newspaper
  • gas energy newspaper
  • new energy newspaper
  • air conditioning times
  • Keizan Shimpo
  • smart house
  • Nippon Kaiji Shimbun

Simultaneous exhibition

  • The world's largest nanotechnology exhibitionnano tech 2024
  • Cutting edge sensing
    network exhibition
    MEMS 2024
  • 3D printing,
    Comprehensive exhibition of AM technology
    tct JAPAN 2024
  • Water cycle/water usage
    specialized exhibition
    Inter Aqua 2024
  • functional surface interface
    specialized exhibition
    ASTEC 2024
  • Specialized exhibition of surface technologySURTECH 2024
  • processing machinery, technology
    comprehensive exhibition of
  • In materials and information society
    Developing a prosperous society
  • functional materials
    comprehensive exhibition of
    New Functional Materials Exhibition 2024
  • bioplastic
    Ku Recycle
    Specialized exhibition about
    green material 2024
  • Specialized exhibition of decoration techniques3DECOtech 2024

Collaborative exhibition

  • Super City/Smart City KANSAI 2024
  • HVAC 2024

Organized by

  • Energy Conservation Center Japan
  • JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.
  • Renewable Energy Council
  • Sankei Shimbun

Accommodation information

  • Rurubu
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