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Main exhibitors/visitors

As a platform for Japan's energy industry, factories, buildings, facilities, etc.
Corporate energy users, electricity and gas industry experts, renewable energy
A wide variety of players, from businesses to local governments, will be exhibiting and visiting.

Exhibit target


Energy saving, energy management

Energy-saving equipment/equipment, energy-saving technology, energy-saving solutions, energy services, energy management systems, ZEB/ZEH related materials, heat storage/power storage technology, engineering facility services, etc.

DER/Microgrid Japan 2024

Distributed energy, regional microgrids

EMS, DERMS, DRMS, energy resource aggregation related services, regional microgrids, VPP solutions, DR services, hydrogen/fuel cells, storage batteries, EVs, IT/software, cloud services, energy consulting, renewable energy power, power equipment/parts, Renewable energy related technologies and products, etc.

17th Renewable Energy World Exhibition & Forum

Renewable energy, RE100, SDGs

Policy, integrated concept, solar power generation, solar heat utilization, environmental architecture, biomass, wind power, hydrogen/fuel cells, ocean energy, geothermal heat, geothermal heat, small and medium-sized hydropower, energy networks, energy saving/heat pumps, unused energy, etc.

Offshore Tech Japan

Marine technology development, marine renewable energy

Marine industrial equipment, offshore materials and equipment, ocean observation equipment, blowout prevention equipment, underwater robots (ASV, AUV, ROV, underwater drones, diving products), submarine cables, ocean measurement sensors, underwater control equipment, underwater communication equipment, ocean regeneration possible Energy power generation companies and related equipment, marine civil engineering, marine geographic information systems (GIS), marine/ship IoT, etc.

Target audience

  • Corporate energy consumers such as factories, buildings, offices, etc.
  • Manager, general affairs/management planning
  • Construction, design office, construction company, ZEB/ZEH builder
  • Retail electric utilities, gas companies, power companies
  • Power generation, transmission and distribution companies
  • heat supply company
  • Renewable energy business
  • resource aggregator
  • local government
  • Research/Technology Development, Academia
  • marine constructor
  • Marine construction business operator
  • marine research and development
  • trading company
  • wind generator manufacturer
  • Businesses looking for new businesses related to ocean energy business, etc.

Organized by

  • Energy Conservation Center Japan
  • JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.
  • Renewable Energy Council
  • Sankei Shimbun

Accommodation information

  • Rurubu
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