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Special zone

This exhibition has various planned exhibitions and special zones. We will disseminate information that will be useful to visitors regarding energy conservation issues, the use of renewable energy, environmental measures, and promotion of decarbonization.

thermal solutions

Currently, it is said that a total of 2 trillion kWh of unused heat is emitted into the environment as waste heat annually in the industrial and consumer sectors. We must promote the efficient use of renewable energy and the effective use of renewable energy. We will introduce solutions for the highly efficient use of heat, such as unused heat in industry, insulation and shielding of buildings and homes, area energy use, and heat storage.

Disseminating the latest solutions for "effective use of heat" to address the emerging and latent heat demands and issues in various fields!

Exhibitor list

Exhibitor name Booth number
Earth Clean Tohoku 4P-12
MDI 5T-08
orwill 5V-04
Dyna Air 4N-10
Japan Electroheat Center 4S-15
Geothermal Utilization Promotion Association (3rd National Geothermal Forum)  
Asano Taisei Basic Engineering panel display
Ariake Unused Heat Utilization Promotion Study Group 4E-10-09
ariga planning 4E-10-02
INOAC living environment 4F-11
Kowa  4E-10-03
Saga Prefecture panel display
geosystem panel display
general heat pump industry 4E-15
Geothermal Utilization Promotion Association 4B-10
Chubu Geothermal Utilization Promotion Council panel display
Chofu Seisakusho 4F-10
Toa Tone Boring 4F-12
Toho Jisui 4F-13
Sunshine panel display
Japan groundwater development 4E-10-06
Hagi Bo panel display
Heat pile method research group 4E-10-08
Misawa environmental technology 4E-10-04
Mitsubishi Materials Techno 4E-10-05
Morikawa Chisen Industrial Co., Ltd. 4E-10-01
YBM 4E-10-07

Click here for exhibition information of "Thermal Solutions" exhibitors.

SDGs special zone


In order to promote SDGs and RE100, we need not only efficient use of renewable energy, but also technologies and systems that can be used across the board, as well as the integration and engineering that operate them. This zone will broadly introduce initiatives to maximize renewable energy technology, including Society 5.0 technologies (visualization using AI, IoT, prediction technology using big data, robots, etc.). Aim for content.

Exhibitor list

Exhibitor name Booth number
Ishii Construction 5H-04
Tomoe Industry 5G-04
Japan Geothermal Association 4E-25
Japan Wind Energy Society 4C-24
Mitsui Kinzoku Engineering 5E-01

Click here for exhibition information of "SDGs Zone" exhibitors.

ENEXDER/Microgrid Japan2022第16回再生可能エネルギー世界展示会&フォーラム
academic zone

Close collaboration between industry, academia, and government is essential to achieving GX (green transformation). The path to GX will be paved from the Academic Zone, where research results in the energy and environmental fields of university laboratories and academic organizations will be announced.

Exhibitor list

Exhibitor name Booth number
Aichi Institute of Technology Eco Power Research Center 5K-04-01
Kanagawa Institute of Technology Itako Laboratory 5K-04-10
Shinshu University Fluid Energy Laboratory 5K-04-08
Suzuka National College of Technology Nanbu Laboratory 5K-04-09
Tokyo University of Science Research Institute Renewable Energy Technology Research Division 5K-04-03
Nagoya University 5K-04-05
Nagoya University Usami/Kurokawa Laboratory 5K-04-06
Japan Solar Energy Society 5K-04-11
Japan Photovoltaic Society 5K-04-07
日本地熱学会 5K-04-12
北陸先端科学技術大学院大学 大平研究室 5K-04-04
北海道大学 電子科学研究所 5K-04-02

Click here for exhibition information of "Academic Zone" exhibitors.

DER/Microgrid Japan2022
regional energy

Initiatives for local production and consumption of energy, as well as the formulation and demonstration of master plans for the construction of zero carbon cities and regional microgrids, have begun across the country. This project will feature examples of advanced urban development efforts that utilize local resources to create a virtuous cycle of the environment and economy, as well as the latest energy systems, network technologies, and products.

Zero carbon city, local energy production and local consumption, and regional microgrid all in one place!

Exhibitor list

Exhibitor name Booth number
小田原市役所 4R-27
スマートレジリエンスネットワーク 4R-28
鳥取市地域マイクログリッド 5S-02
浜松市スマートシティ推進協議会 5U-07
北海道石狩市 4U-25

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Organized by

  • Energy Conservation Center Japan
  • JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.
  • Renewable Energy Council
  • Sankei Shimbun

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  • Rurubu
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