[Currently accepting visitor registration] Technologies, products, equipment, and services related to the utilization of marine resources are all in one place! First held at Tokyo Big Sight in January 2024 Offshore Tech Japan2024 Marine Industry Technology Exhibition 2024/1/31 (Wednesday) - 2/2 (Friday) 10:00-17:00 Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 8 [Organized by] Sankei Shimbun company, JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.

What is Offhore Tech Japan?

Offshore Tech Japan (Ocean Industry Technology Exhibition) is an exhibition about the utilization of Japan's abundant marine resources, including renewable energy. There will also be exhibits of AUVs, ocean observation and measurement equipment, underwater exploration, research and consulting, ship IT systems, and presentations of results related to ocean research. We will also hold seminars on Japan's AUV strategy and core technologies, the use of marine renewable energy such as floating offshore wind power, human resource development and the marine industry, and offshore wind power generation efforts by local governments, and will be attended by marine experts and industry experts. This will be a platform for marine business that brings together the following. Please come and visit us.


Promote technological development of marine renewable energy.
Research on wind conditions, optimization of wind turbine specifications, manufacturing of fixed-type foundations suitable for conditions, advancement of floating foundation manufacturing technology, stabilization technology for electrical systems such as marine cables and offshore substations, etc. Promote renewable energy technology development.


We will create innovation in the marine industry.
By holding the event at the same time as the comprehensive energy saving and renewable energy exhibition "ENEX Global Environment and Energy Harmony Exhibition" and the "Renewable Energy World Exhibition & Forum," we will promote business matching with experts in the energy field. We will create "innovation in the marine industry" through the intersection of industry, government, and academia.


Focus on ocean transformation.
We will focus on ``ocean transformation,'' which is a major change in ocean policy, in order to realize business matching such as the creation of carbon-neutral ports, the use of underwater robots and drones, and the utilization of ocean data.


We will contribute to preserving the marine environment and realizing the SDGs and blue economy.
In addition to exhibiting products and technologies that contribute to the preservation and protection of the marine environment, we will contribute to the realization of "marine environment conservation, SDGs" and "blue economy" in order to sustainably utilize and develop marine resources while protecting the ocean. Masu.

HighlightsTechnologies, products, and services related to the utilization of marine resources will be exhibited!

During the exhibition period, please visit the exhibitors' exhibition booths and listen to the seminars as well. We look forward to your visit.

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Offshore, marine renewable energy, energy saving, renewable energy, distributed energy, water treatment, etc.
You can also view concurrent exhibitions.

In order to achieve carbon neutrality, which Japan as a whole must achieve by 2050, new innovations are essential alongside existing technologies.
This exhibition will feature a wide variety of technologies and products related to energy conservation, renewable energy, distributed energy, water treatment, and the utilization of marine resources, as well as presentations of research results in each field.
The ``Energy Innovation Comprehensive Exhibition,'' which attracts experts from Japan and abroad, will be held as a place for problem-solving and business matching for those aiming to achieve sustainable corporate activities and carbon neutrality goals.

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Name Offshore Tech Japan 2024 5th Marine Industry Technology Exhibition (formerly SUBSEA TECH JAPAN)
Organized by Sankei Shimbun/JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.
Simultaneous exhibition (Energy Innovation Comprehensive Exhibition, East Halls 7 and 8)
ENEX2024 48th Energy and Environment Exhibition
Organized by The Energy Conservation Center, Japan
DER/Microgrid Japan2024 (Distributed energy and digital technology fusion exhibition)
Organized by JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.
18th Renewable Energy World Exhibition & Forum (RENEWABLE ENERGY 2024)
Organized by Renewable Energy Council
InterAqua 2024 15th Water Solution Exhibition
Organized by JTB Communication Design Co., Ltd.
Sponsorship Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism / Cabinet Office Ocean Policy Promotion Secretariat / City of Yokohama / Maritime City Yokohama Sea Council / National Research and Development Agency / Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology Research Institute Maritime Technology and Safety Research Institute / National Research and Development Agency Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology /Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers/Japan Society of Marine Engineering/Japan Engineering Society/Marine Industry Research and Promotion Association/Next Generation Sensor Council/Sensite Council /Japan Measuring Instruments Industry Federation/Japan Marine Industry Association/Japan Project Industry Council/Non-profit organization Marine Acoustics Society/Non-profit organization Nagasaki Marine Industry Cluster Formation Promotion Council / Japanese Society of Marine Science and Engineering / French-Japanese Oceanographic Society / Oceanographic Society of Japan
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